Hi, I'm Liz... Let's be BFF's. 


Let's get real...

Hi, I’m Liz. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband Mason and my son William. We love our city. I absolutely love being a wife and a mom. There are good and bad days but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I love helping women design a life they truly love.

A goal of mine is to find meaning in the “everyday” moments in this life. Life is short and such a gift. I want to be fully present, love hard and serve well. I want to cherish the small moments that make up this big life. It is easy to measure life by instagram, but friends, that is not real. The real, messy, beautiful, in between moments mean the most to me.

Building relationships is a huge part of my life. I thrive when I am with my family and friends. My perfect night consists of a homemade dinner around the table, a game of cards, a bonfire and a lot of laughter. At our house we have an open door policy. Everyone is welcome and everyone is loved. On a rough day I believe in a good book, a trip to target, kisses from my baby and a chai latte.



Life is short, SO BE INTENTIONAL. Make things happen. Pursue your dreams; eat too much ice cream and pour out your heart. Make it count, because we only have one life and it is meant to be lived.

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