About Me

Hi, I'm Liz! I live in Columbus, Ohio with my hunk of a husband Mason and we love our city. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer [Real Weddings- Real Love- Real Life]. I LOVE being married and doing life with my best friend every day. I am passionate about marriage/weddings because marriage is so much more than a wedding; it is all about doing real life together every day. It is about the “in between moments” together- nights on the couch eating pizza, your first fight, cuddling in bed at night, buying your first home and every moment in between. I want to give you images that portray real love and real life. Doing real life together is my priority and capturing real moments is my job. I have my Master’s degree in Business Administration and my degree helps me create an excellent/sustainable business. Coffee dates are a must in my life, but I don’t like coffee- a chai tea latte for me please. That leads me to all things Christmas. I pretty much love Christmas and all the things surrounding it- lights, smiles, Christmas music, hot cocoa, the first snow, Ah!!! Building relationships is one of my favorite parts of life. I love pouring my heart into other people over a meal or a game night. At our home we have an open door policy; we are constantly having people over so we can love on them. On a rough day, I believe in old books and a good outfit, plus a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. Hope this gives you a glimpse into my crazy, beautiful life!


I am in love with weddings, mostly because I am in love with marriage. My husband Mason and I run a marriage blog so we can invest in our couples after the wedding day. We would LOVE for you to follow our journey and share in the ups and downs of marriage. Our goal is to do real life together- WITH YOU. We want to share real love, real challenges, real adventure and real life. If you ever need anything- advice, encouragement, anything at all- just reach out to us. We love you and can't wait to do real life with you! Read our blog by clicking the button below. xoxo- Mason and Liz