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Our Group Shot- love each and everyone of these women!

Our Group Shot- love each and everyone of these women!

I literally do not have words to adequately express the change that has taken place in my life since I went to the Delight House. Kristin Wall renovated a home and is now using it to host workshops and intensives. Women/girls come across the country to gather, seek the Lord and foster their creative gifts *sigh*, it is truly amazing. 

I happened to run across the Delight and Be account on instagram and felt like I should enter the contest to win a spot at the Cultivating the Heart of a Wife workshop. I entered, not knowing that the following weeks would change my life. 14 women gathered form across the country- we ate together, shared our struggles, shared our victories and most of all, we sought the Lord. Let me tell you, when you get 14 women together who are REAL ABOUT MARRIAGE, things happen- walls are broken, strongholds melt, bitterness flees and CHANGE comes. 

It was also incredible to have Michael and Katelyn Alsop come spend time with us. They have busy lives and I love their heart to invest in others. They are truly a special couple because no matter how busy they are, they choose to take time to change others. Their heart for married couples is evident- they are vulnerable, genuine and most of all in love with the Lord. I related to Katelyn in so many ways and she gave me some of the best advice, I have truly taken it to heart- "Some people are a fix right now personality and others take time to process." I am a fix it right now type of person and Mason is the processor- and I am not realizing THAT IS OKAY! We need that balance in our lives and  it has helped us get through tough times. I love how real Katelyn and Michael are. They are using their platform to change lives and I know that God has a HUGE reward for their hard work and persistence. If you do not follow them right now, make sure you do! One of the biggest challenges they gave us is to come up with a marriage mission statement. Thank you Michael and Katelyn, thank you for investing in me, pursuing the Lord and displaying a marriage that is REAL. 

My life is forever changed and my marriage will never be the same. I have made friendships that will last because of the bond that we share. Know that cultivating LOVE will change your marriage. Love is the starting place for any problem and God will intervene if you surrender to Him. (Some of these are iphone pictures, so don't judge).

 If you have never heard of Delight go to their website at