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Welcome! I’m so excited you’re here. Feel free to look around and let me know if you have any questions.

xoxo- Liz

Snap and Gather

I am so excited to write this blog post! I am sharing our first snap and gather because our winter one is coming up Feb 15th!! We were able to style a summer dinner, eat, talk, laugh and photograph this incredibly beautiful setting. We had no idea that this night would turn into something we call Snap and Gather

Snap and Gather is an intimate, creative gathering for photographers. As a community we come together and eat an amazing meal while we share laughs, tips, tricks and our passion for photography. After eating, we capture the beauty of the styled elements by photographing them together. Come experience the joy of a beautifully styled gathering while we snap the night away. You will also leave with updated headshots (YAY)!

The next Snap and Gather will be taking place on Feb 15th (There is one spot left). We are collaborating with State and Arrow for florals and Taylor from Ink Well & Co for a mini calligraphy workshop! We are planning more for the future so do not fret if you cannot make this one! Email me for more details and if you have any questions at